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Social History: “The Wobblies and the Working Musician: the Roots of an American Tradition"

This research, aimed primarily at academic production (articles and books), but also as supporting material for this oral history project, explores the way in which the musical traditions of the IWW have influenced successive generations of socially conscious musicians in the United States, such as Woody Guthrie, Pete Seeger, Phil Ochs, David Rovics, Will Kaufman, Tom Morello, Joe Glazer, etc. It will probably include a playlist of contemporary covers of IWW songs.

Musicians who are also chroniclers of people's music history:
Will Kaufman on Woody Guthrie
Spook Handy on Pete Seeger
Spook Handy: America's Story Through Folk Songs
David Rovics on Brad Will

Background Material:
Malcolm Deans, "David Rovics: songs to fan the flames of discontent"
Discusses David Rovics as an IWW member and the traditions of the Wobblies as a "singing union."
Will Kaufman, Woody Guthrie: American Radical
See chapter one for details on Woody Guthrie's connection to the IWW.
Woody Guthrie, “Some from the Old Wobblies,” in Alan Lomax, Woody Guthrie, and Pete Seeger, eds., Hard Hitting Songs for Hard-Hit People
Includes notes from Woody Guthrie
Franklin Rosemont, David Roediger, Archie Green, and Salvatore Salerno (eds), The Big Red Song Book
Published by the outstanding Chicago socialist publishing house, Charles H Kerr. The Kerr Company has been the major publisher of IWW material for over a century so almost anything on the catalogue is worth reading. Particularly any works by the above editors, all wonderful scholars of the IWW and American radical history.