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Oral History: Working in Story and Song

Singer-songwriters talk about the work they do, how they do it, and why it is important.

Generating the Questions:
I would like both musicians and historians to suggest questions I could ask, or provide their own observations as a comparative story

An Ambitious Wishlist
Songwriters I would love to interview.
Richard Frankland
Lord Stompy
Avalanche (Gadjo)
John Butler
Mark Seymour
Zerafina Zara
Rob Hirst
Tim Minchin
Amanda Palmer
Nick Cave
Celine Yap
Alex Legg
Paul Kelly
Kate Miller-Heidke
Mick Thomas
Phaedra Gunn (Winterfriends)

Elsewhere in the World:
David Rovics
Will Kaufman
Spook Handy
Billy Bragg
Anne Feeney
Peoples Music Network members
Dave Clark
Bruce Springsteen
Sorcha Resse Chisholm (Sorcha and the Sinners)
Dom Giannone (Internationale)
Gordon Gano
Graham Cassano (Blue Pontiac)
ML Liebler
Michael Franti (Spearhead)
Amy Ray and Emily Saliers (The Indigo Girls)
Tommy Sands